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DIY Shoppe Designer Cart

With our Diy Shoppe Designer System, you also have options to add some of our advanced mods. (From To become familiar with certain mods you see listed, come over to and read about them.

If you are hosted elsewhere, please make sure that it is a Unix/Linux host and it proved a classic cPanel admin environment.  Also make sure that it has the latest version of PHP and that your hosting package has 1 available 1 MySql Database.  If you are not sure about your hosting, please email us before ordering.

Also a account is required for the checkout process, make sure you signup and include your login information below if you want us to setup the basic settings to work with our cart (recommended so that it functions properly).

Domain Name (without http):
Are we installing the cart on another host?:
Current Host FTP user password:
Current Host Cpanel user password:
Do you want to host with us?:
Add a Pre-Made Template?:
Mals-e Account Setup? (basic settings reqired):No
Yes add $20.00
If yes above, Mals-e user/password:
Mobile Friendly?:No
Yes add $200.00

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Cynthia2012-05-31 09:05:13WOW, I love this cart and cms!! It is super easy to use and now I feel I can manage my website all by myself without having to pay someone everytime I need updates!
Tiffany2010-09-17 11:13:00I absolutley love this cart! It is so user friendly and has all the options that I need.
Susan2010-09-17 12:58:36This is really the most flexible cart I have used. I really love being able to maintain my entire website and store without any html knowledge. Its perfect!
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