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Beautitude 2-Beautitude 2 Theme Basic Template
Beautitude 2

This is our Beautitude 2 Theme Basic Template. 

Click Here to see this template Live

You will receive everything you see here, plus have the header customized with your company name and tagline/slogan.  This also includes installation to your cart if hosted with us. $45.00 installation fee if hosted elsewhere.

You will also be able to add buttons and banners to match.

1 in stock
Company Name & Tagline:
Add Matching Button:No
Yes Static Button add $15.00
Yes Animated Button(2 frames) add $30.00
Add Matching Banner:No
Yes Static Banner add $25.00
Yes Animated Banner(2 frames) add $50.00
Add Installation (not hosted with us):No
Yes add $45.00
Your FTP Login for installation:

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